Brachium Brand & Journey

I really wanted to craft a patient experience that feels magical and effortless

Reimagining Dentistry

Brachium is a stealth-mode start-up in the medical technology sector, redefining the dental experience using robotics, machine learning, and digital augmentation.

As part of the early-ideation team that set a tone for the product, I have a closeness to the concept, and developed the branding, patient experience, and several mockups for digital touchpoints and applications throughout the patient and dentist experiences.

Brand Designer, Product Designer, Service Designer

TBD (Stealth-mode Startup)

Brachium, San Francisco


Brand Design

Inspired by the robotic approach to the product, as well as the advanced imaging technology, I designed a brand mark that embodied the concept of articulation, flexibility, and 3D vision. I carried this through in early brand application concepts.

Patient Experience

For this new type of product, it is important to craft a patient experience that maximizes patient comfort and confidence, and also allows the technology to feel magical and effortless. I worked with the Brachium team to craft a patient journey that reflected this, and upheld the ideals of the company and it’s care for patients.

I’ve had the honor of working with several innovative and inspiring startups, like Brachium. I loved working with them to create something that will really change the face of dentistry.