& Honors

I’ve been lucky to touch many amazing brands, looking to make a delightful and lasting impact for their customers.

Clients & Brands

These are just some of the brands I’ve had the honor of working with. Each brand requires its own special attention - no two projects are the same - so for some brands I designed web experiences, others were looking to create a new app journey for their loyal users, some needed digital engagement that is physical and more immersive - room scale. In each collaboration, there is an opportunity to learn and innovate, and take that knowledge into future projects.


I’ve published many articles and co-authored 2 books: Skip Intro, Macromedia Flash Usability and Interface Design, and Flash MX 2004 Magic. These books helped a generation of creative technologists push the boundaries of their craft, and focus on creating truly user-centered experiences for their own users.


I’ve lead, and been a part of, many award-winning teams. As a product designer and creative technologist, I can bring an experience to life in unexpected and magical ways, and this has helped my agency and technology clients win best-in-class honors for their products and experiences.

My work has been featured in numerous design annuals, and awarded several industry accolades


My work often involves invention of entirely original interactions and design solutions. Over my career I have been a co-inventor on 8 unique patents, encompassing novel user-interface systems, natural language processing as part of user interfaces, data visualization, and more.

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